Hinkson Land Tech

GPS Data Collection

  • Harvest Yield Data
  • Soil Texture & Fertility Data
  • Bare Soil Data
  • Elevation Data
  • Imagery Data
  • Farmer & Consultant Observations

Analysis of Collected Data

  • Profit Loss Maps from Yield Data & Fertility
  • Soil Data Field Potential
  • Bare Soil Field Potential
  • Water ……To much or not enough !!!
  • In Season Imagery Feedback
  • Farmers Goals and Criteria

Prescription Generation from Data Collection and Analysis

  • Initial Prescriptions based on Profit Loss Maps
  • More Complete Prescriptions by adding:
  • Soil Variations
  • Soil Potentials
  • Water & Slope Issues related to Micro & Macro Topography
  • Final Prescriptions combined with Farmers Criteria

Machine Control takes Final Prescriptions & Designs to the Field

  • Variable Rate Control of Crop Inputs
  • Machine Control of Equipment
  • Auto Steering to reduce overlap (Horizontal Axis)
  • Consistent spacing of Drip Tape
  • Scrapers, Dirt Blowers, Tile, (Vertical Axis)

We help you identify your best Returns from GPS Technology.